House of Mirrors

(editors note: written in third person for a sick fiend friend) sometimes she worries about her-self hatred other times not-so-much walls. mirrored separating real from chaff duplicating projections locked in with monsters one my man, the other… just a big fan of…my ass tehe. no doors or windows Is he me or am I him […]

When Thank’s isn’t Enough

An open letter to Sylvia Moore, Fills my heart with joy to hear from you sometimes, and this one especially brightens my mood. You have a unique way of setting things in order, of letting me know that you care and don’t just go through the motions of duty, while in secret curse your situation […]

Just be Cuz.

Sometimes life imitates art. A scowl had turned across the big dude’s expressive face as he entered the tunnel. Looking around for a hater/heckler, he eventually spotted someone he knew, walked over and gave them a non-nonchalant high five. Slowly, as he chatted a wide grin spread across his face and replaced the mean “I’ll […]


Dear Reader. I’m not an asshole, but sometimes I can be. Don’t hate me for it… try, like me, to appreciate it. I think it’s just that sometimes I don’t suffer fools well.   As some of you know, I’ve admitted to sometimes having a somewhat ungainly habit of engaging folks who attack me (physically […]

I took the chill pill

  The old man looked at me as if my decision carried with it the weight of humanity’s future itself. Well… I sighed, the time has come; the red pill will conscript me to a life of getting back to what’s true and real despite the hardships and battles, while the blue, although too a […]

My Confession.

This short thread below is taken from a recent YouTube post by Blackstone Intelligence where I succinctly (as is possible) outline a brief synopsis of my thoughts on Christianity, as far as the historicity of Jesus is concerned.   Truth is, I doubt that the NT Jesus ever existed. Personally, I’ll only go so far as […]

Sweet 16. Go figure.

Let’s look at how every remaining Sweet-16 has fared against other Sweet-16 teams, and compare those remaining in some other numbers. Some of these numbers may surprise you: Record vs. Sweet-16 MIDWEST Duke 3-0 Beat Syracuse and Florida State at home and Clemson on the road. Syracuse 1-3 Beat Clemson at home, lost to to […]

Mandelbrot existence

Ω they marched away in lock-step first from them then from the others and again they divided til’ they all became one not together but alone as boolean gods howled in manic delight. ∆ a tiny few understood that they too had been infected the viral confirmation bias self-replicating eating away individuality saddling them less […]

who’da thunk it?

from mostdiggity’s weekly hyper-rant… “you can’t make this stuff up” : Betting the sure thing at a Google-to-1 odds against. Some thoughtful reader suggested that I try to look at the bright side of things. So… after some careful thought, I must agree. Here goes: This post is NOT meant to highlight the lamenting of […]

Thirteen Things to Ponder

  Advice on becoming… to Dylan, Only a couple of days ago, or it seems like it, a nurse placed you in my arms at Florida hospital, triggering the most intense peak moment I EVER EXPERIENCED in my 62 years of breathing (chemtrails, lol). Ever since that crazy moment which lasted a only few seconds […]

Hilariously Not Funny

 Say cheese. While the LVPD takes cover from an alleged mass shooter, others appear more worried about phone chatting, leaving many to wonder why this huge effort to attempt to fool the public was important to TPTB now, and what is their end-game? Really? Another professionally taken “staged” photograph underscores the dishonesty of today’s lamestream media. […]

on remembering doug fricks…

Friggy-my-Diggy… another Spring is roaring in… and lately I’ve been thinking about our friendship. your comfortable, confident kindness, unveiled by alert but caring eyes twinkling in the bright blue Carolina sunshine. flashing that affable, genuine smile, as always seemingly amused by life’s irony; and like me you seemed sorta’ OK with it. sure, we differed on […]

Madness Paradox wrapped in March Enigma

And, yes, I know Duke is 27-8. And, yes, I know no school has ever received a No. 1 seed with eight losses. But only two of those eight losses are sub-50 RPI losses — and those two sub-50 RPI losses came by a total of six points. Kansas, by the way, also has two sub-50 RPI losses. So does North Carolina.”

by CBB blogspert Gary Parrish, CBSSPORTS

the great musician

Originally posted on Sagaciously…Pugnacious:
the immensity ? that universal incessant spectral hum reverberating ohmmm…manifesting all actualizing the synchronicity underlying destiny and always arising all the comprehension of what is and will be a mirrored orchestra in operatic symphony inside a house of endless mirrors infinitesimally small but perceptible through the steady drumbeat of linear time a quantum…

The Origin of Word-Mean

early man campfire repeat-o-thon rrruuv rruff, woo-woo woo-woo, cuckoocuckoocuckoo  guttural grunts… a cacophony of phonetic and tonal resonating, communicating, teaching… immersive meaning drumbeat of repetition… puppet strings dancing simple sounds plucked discernment… reflected hearing bellowing louder get mad make noise tongue tones … reality hurt voice glorious word-songs… echoing ages smiling common mantras… pitch rising […]

Losing my Religion (part 1)

I once found myself in a boutique in Old Amsterdam with very expensive items that I neither wanted nor could afford.. The opulence and décor was breathtaking, the customers impeccably dressed as they quietly shopped and discussed the terms of the high quality goods they were interested in purchasing. It was readily apparent to me that […]

why write, an urge to purge?

mostdiggity For me, writing is cheaper psycho-therapy than seeing a shrink, and more expansive*(*pun alert) say, than my time spent mowing the yard e.g., row 1.turn. row 2.turn. The sun shines, the weeds grow thick and frontal lobe cells languish in repeat step repeat, and I’ll likely feel a pressing need to gnash keys, combine words, n’ spit […]

Shakespeare’s last words

Shakespeare was known to bellow after presenting a new stage play for review… If thou truly not liketh it… laugh out loud.   Like Will, these are my VERY LAST WORDS on the subject that follows. It is my opinion that certain elements having real power in this country make incredible efforts to distract our […]

the great musician

  that universal incessant spectral hum reverberating ohmmm…manifesting all actualizing the synchronicity underlying destiny and always arising all the comprehension of what is and will be a mirrored orchestra in operatic symphony inside a house of endless mirrors infinitesimally small but perceptible through the steady drumbeat of linear time a quantum music neither past nor future that imperceptible […]

Battle of the Lunatics

  Do the descriptors “left” or “liberal” and “right” or  “conservative” accurately depict the 2016 Democrat and Republican American Presidential candidates’ platforms? Better yet, is it time to supplant them with terms like “avarice” and “hubris” respectively? I think maybe. Or does LIAR cover them all? President Obama, elected on his 2008 wide ranging traditionally left-wing ideology best represents what has […]

Just a few quotes I really like…

Nuttin’ special. Happy Valentine’s Day! The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.   -Ernest Hemmingway   Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you […]

‘Politically Correct’ or ‘Back-stab-ingly Pleasant’?

(with a nod to George Carlin) “Politically Correct” or ‘Back-Stab-ingly Pleasant’? Man, I’m really getting tired of all this negative name calling… I much prefer the soft landing civilized society (Progressives? nah) have embraced when it comes to labeling people or things. Especially if my being brutally honest might really pîss-off an overly-sensitive individual, forever damaging their […]

Rise of the Naked Sportsblog King

According to my read-test, most Sportsbloggers (aka: Blogsquirt-asorus) apparently know a good bit less about the sport in which they have type-spouted their esteemed opines than they do of basic Journalism101, which itself appears not to be a qualifier of their education, talent, and/or experience of either endeavor. IMHO, today’s internet media Sportswriting hard-scrabble of blog buddies, well… […]