On being Sagaciously… Pugnacious

First lemme say a word to my sponsors. One of the things I like about this blog is that it’s “All ME bay-bae”; as in it is not monetized and it’s authored by me and me alone. My sponsors are those kind enough to read my tripe and not hate me for it. Some have even said they enjoy it.

On this blog I can say whatever in the fuck I wanna say and no one can stop me.  I’ve been paid exactly zero for anything I’ve written, and I like it that way. But today, as I type, I’m being punished by some fuckwads who are afraid I will expose them for the pitiful frauds they are… and all that comes with it. No need. Everything they do…. all they’re about exposes themselves.

That’s on them, but you cannot tell a deluded motherfucker they’re delusional and expect them to take it like a real person. Or to simply examine themselves, and take a good hard look in the mirror; a practice I’m all too good at most of the time… especially lately. So, to fuckwads everywhere… keep it up… WHAT’s YOURS WILL FIND YOU. That’s a promise, not a threat. Karma is circling right above your head. And she’s hungry.

Sure, I’ve received cease and desist letters from some high priced lawyers before threatening to sue me for slander after some ridiculously “poisoned penmanship” I’ve authored. Sure have. In each case my reply was, (not an exact quote here) but, ” well then go ahead and fucking sue me, because I’m telling the truth and you and/or your client know it. It’s up to YOU to prove that I’m not… but if you are as smart as your starched shirt and silk tie, you know you can’t win because it’s the truth, and you cannot prove otherwise.”

In most cases I refused to take down the post. In others, I did so because I saw that in some ways it might offend some innocent folks indirectly… and I ain’t about that. And BTW… I’ve never been sued for slander or libel.

So… as I’m sometimes fond of saying to the ignorant pretenders who are my not-so-much sponsors. “You cannot imagine the immensity of the fuck I do NOT give.” In the end we all get what we deserve. But, it’s not up to you to determine what I deserve. Got it?

I’ve gently or not-so-gently been told what I’ve said in a blog post was offensive to someone personally, and I’ve gently explained to them  that they were confused, reading too much between the lines, because the post had zero to do with them. It didn’t, at least in my mind. But then, I realized that just maybe… maybe it had a lot to do with them but I wasn’t seeing it, or thinking about them when I wrote it. In those cases I let my words speak for themselves. It did not win me any more friends, but I can only hope that it influenced some people to re-evaluate, if only a tad. Oh wait… this is Florida, so I mean chad.

I’ve been ridiculed for audaciously thinking that little ole’ me was in anyway Sagacious. That I’m arrogant and over-confident, not nearly as smart as I think. There’s likely some truth there, but it ain’t a big problem that I identify with. BTW, none of those same folks would suggest that I’m not Pugnacious. And for that… they’d be correct-a-mundo.

As for the arrogance, I can see how the average person who does not KNOW me might make such an uniformed statement. But, KNOWING who I am and what I’m all about, I believe no one in their right mind could ever honestly/correctly say this, nor think it truthfully. I like to think that I’m fully self-actualized (hat tip to Maslow’s hierarchy of self). I’m just too honestly self-deprecating to be that person.

But… perhaps they actually think they’re right, most likely not-so-much-ish.  I cannot control everyone’s delusional thinking. If this blog is at all fantasy it’s my fantasy, and I’ll do it any fucking way I please. But, the truth is, I believe I’m hitting nails squarely on the head. I hope you do too dear reader… or will give me that much. This house I’ve built will stand.

But hey… and you can take this to the bank; I always have and always will say what I think, and which lies within the boundaries of my own personal high ethical standards, and my own description of good taste and open honesty. If it offends you I’m sorry… you can stop reading whenever you choose, or you can understand and KNOW that I “calls it like I sees it”.

Always have, always will. And as I’ve admitted here on my opening page… I may not always be directly on-point, but like a hand grenade I can be right-ish, and there will likely be collateral damage.

And so… guess what? You ain’t heard NOTHIN’ YET.

Go ahead Mr. and Ms. fuckwad,, “git’ ‘er done ” (you know and I know who you ARE). What is yours WILL FIND YOU. You think it’s funny? You think I’m playin’? Have some more fun. It’s on me. It always has been because what I do always is and it always will be. But don’t look up. Some things, like what you do, is definitely on you.

A word of cautionary advice to you: You might wanna, “stay low and hang tight”, words spoken to me directly by Dale Earnhart Sr…. simplifying how it was that he won so many races. Dale was NO fraud. Can you say the same about yourself? I mean… honestly?


Dear reader: As you have surely surmised by now, this is a personal message to some very special individuals. Likely you are not one of them. But you can bet the house on the fact that they (these bottom feeders) will read this before you have a chance to guess what it’s even about.

It will be bad medicine sure, but they will laugh and continue their ridiculous attempt to silence and destroy me. It cannot and will not be done without the help of bullets or bombs. They hide like the cowards and cockroaches they are, preferring to disrupt my life with every electronic weapon and trickery they can muster. So far… they’re winning.

Narcissists and Pyschopaths 5,271,985 – mostdiggity 0.

But the meat of my batting order is due on deck, and I haven’t heard the fat lady singing.  As Yogi Berra famously gathered, “it ain’t over… till it’s over.”

They are sick and they must be stopped, and their bullpen is hopelessly depleted. It’s the bottom of the ninth. But, I’m on it… dog-gone-it. Prayers and good luck.

Thanks for reading. More to come. Cheers! Signing off… for now. I am, MD.