Zionists in 2019 (the year of) A.D.


No, not tryna’ start NO Holy War. But I was terrorized by an article on SBNation.com, a sports buffet where aspiring writers, fans of the color, homies and others can try out their analytic and word skills on their equally amateurish adoring readers;who sit waiting for the next big thing to drop. All for the great bandwagon ride.

The headline reads:

Zion Williamson or Anthony Davis? Why the No. 1 pick is more valuable to most NBA teams

Wow! Really? The article is well written and even argued with reason, if not utter sensationalism dashed with hyperbole. The writer argues that Duke’s college player of the year candidate Zion Williamson,at 19 years fresh, is more valuable than the current NBA All-Star free agent darling Anthony Davis. Stop the presses! Whoa!

What made me giggle lke a third grader was when I read the comments section; an almost 100% heavy on the Duke Blue endorsement for this craziness. If you don’t think it blows my mind read my poem, “Homers and Haters and Mastur(de)baters” in this blogroll.

My brief reply/comment:

A Cack of Lunacy…

has enveloped the country with this recent flow of Zionist propaganda. I mean, I get it that he’s a freakish athlete with a body built by Ford. But… hey… slow down with that craziness about him being ” more valuable than AD. Blasphemy!

First, AD’s in a unique position at this moment in time. He’s arguably one of the top four players in the NBA; a season in which there are no clear cut favorites to win the title (save one Golden Shower). There are any number of teams who realistically covet that prize this year (yes, even Denver) should the twin showers falter before they reach the final. And there are second tier teams (if you can call any Lebron team second tier), who see Antman as one who could make the second half of the season and playoffs an all out bru-ha-ha.

Of course there are caps and redundancy that teams must also take into view and that makes all the difference in a war of this magnitude.As phenomenal as Zion is likely to be it’s pretty hard to see him put up better numbers than AD has proven capable of producing every year. (NOTE to the AD naysayers: He hasn’t “achieved at that level” is really a slam against the NBA draft ping-pong drop, black magic, and lucky sevens. Just ask Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, et al. HOFamers do indeed get recognized despite their lack of tasting jewelry).

Ahh… Bach! Talking Zion you have an amazing story yet to be played to crescendo. There are rumors that actually have proven to be Theories and might as well be Laws, that NBArookies are from extremely-to-highly unlikely to qualify as All-Stars in their first three years of moneyball as Michael Jordan is to turn down a $50k bet with Tiger Woods and +9 strokes (he ain’t stupid… but a gambling addiction stays thirsty until the last drop).

While Ram tough it is, Z’s 19-year old body by Fisher is no mightier built than say, Boogie Cousins’ Range Rover butt. Tough yeah, but how tough? The question remains…

It is one thing to prove oneself as a man in a man’s league, and a wholly ‘nother to take candy from the babies in CollegeBoys basketball. Stop it! AD at 25 is nearing the top of his game. He’s more valuable today as as a possible 2019 title bearer, despite being one of the few assetswho is lock-down franchise changer/builder… anywhere, and for the long haul at top dollar. Zion is still in his dicey clothes: He’s HOT as fire playing with five other future NBAers against future stockbrokers and candlestick makers, as he is as ripe for rolling a monster hand as he is rolling 7-out on his next point.

“7—— shooter 7——————————-Take down the Field, all Come and Pass line wagers, and all exotics and Place bets. Pay the Don’t.”


The ponies run, the girls are young…the odds are there to beat 
You win awhile… and then it’s done… your little winning streak

And summoned now… to deal… with your invincible defeat… you live your life… as if it’s real…….

a thousand kisses deep.

-Leonard Cohen


Posted  by ME  Feb 5, 2019 | 11:11 PM
(for all the conspiracy folks note the timestamp)