When Thank’s isn’t Enough

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An open letter to Sylvia Moore,

Fills my heart with joy to hear from you sometimes, and this one especially brightens my mood. You have a unique way of setting things in order, of letting me know that you care and don’t just go through the motions of duty, while in secret curse your situation after the bright lights go out.

You have a way of living your life realistically, while incorporating it’s authenticity into other’s lives, even when it is sometime overly inconvenient for you (since it’s you who always goes the extra mile); but always in an ultimately optimistic way. One can take lessons from you by just being around you, not by listening to you proselytize as I am want to do. How you act and how you think, positive traits of yours NOT lost on me as I encourage my little bright start to be around you and Chuck as much as possible.

It’s not like I haven’t always known this, as I watched you grow from the big sis whom I onlyalbert knew from her screaming across the upstairs hall about my loud “breathing” as we were attempting to go to sleep (bad sinuses), or her incessant yelling from the bottom of the stairs, “Tommy, get up! This is the third time, I’m not going to remind you again!” Then, ten minutes later, “Tommy!”. I made it to school on time because of you and Kathy most of my first 10 years of school.

These words are not meant to embarrass you or make you blush, or earn some little extra star on my own forehead to use as currency later. It is simply to fulfill my sometimes overly developed need (while sometimes vilified by those preferring I remain silent) to put on paper my honest and unabashed opinions, feelings, and thoughts… both for ANYONE and despite what ANYONE thinks, regardless of the consequences that I stand ready to face. It’s (to use a cliche) just how I roll.

Sure,  its a rare day when my “spit it out” threshold reaches a point where I feel a need to express something completely positive to anyone who’ll listen. But, perhaps it’s because I naively feel that’s how life is supposed be. Nor, am I a negative person, it’s just that my life experience as a whole had been replete with progressively positive experiences, and that is how I think it ought to be for everyone. But, I know from experience too that sometimes it rains lemons, and one can learn to despise lemonade after swallowing so much of it. And hey, it goes without saying that I’ve never liked Kool-Aid either.

So, it’s the illusions, delusions, slights of hand, and the subtle and the sublime that seem to garner my attention and grab my headlines. But, that ain’t all there is to me. I can and do peer underneath the veil, much like I am attempting here.

And seriously… Chuck is no exception when I say I love my son being around good people from whom he can learn by watching and observing. Charlie is multi-talented, generous, funny, considerate and kind… and how he interacts with the world around him despite his own less than ideal health should be a lesson to us all. He is a stalwart, a model of decorum sprinkled with a peppering of righteous “my way” or the highway. I love it and admire it’s blatant honesty, but mostly how the wisdom in his way usually turns out to be the correct one in the end.

wordsHe and I may differ somewhat along political lines in our conclusions as we view the world, but considering the differing perspectives we observe it from by virtue of age, experience, upbringing, interests, and paths our lives have taken us… I think it’s remarkable that we are able to agree on so many things, not less. Disagree or not on any specific thing, I bow to him.

Well, sorry this turned into a personal treatise and not your typical, “hi, ya doing, you guys look fantastic” FB post. But, unless you hide this from your timeline, I’m putting it on BLAST. Though likely your friends know all this already, a small reminder never hurt anyone.

Plus, I could use more readers of my blog if any are so inclined, lol… https://mostdiggity.wordpress.com/.

Because, it is what it is… but not what you think. Kiss my prince for me, tell him again how proud I am and how much he is missed and loved at The House of Worthington. SweetommyT.