Dear Reader.

I’m not an asshole, but sometimes I can be. Don’t hate me for it… try, like me, to appreciate it. I think it’s just that sometimes I don’t suffer fools well.


As some of you know, I’ve admitted to sometimes having a somewhat ungainly habit of engaging folks who attack me (physically or ad hominem) on social media, with my own little brand of wordjujitsu… a sport which I have attained 33rd degree black belt (all without the help of the Freemason Brotherhood pulling me up by the magic word or making me suck on the Potentate’s hairpiece).

I’m good. BUT god, please… I am not bragging, jus’ sayin’.

Truth is, I’m sometimes embarrassed by it, as the nasty habit can find me sparring with people I might otherwise like and enjoy; and I’m egotistical enough to think it might be likewise. Well, I can dream. But, if not… then touché.

I selfishly believe that for the most part engagement in these insult-brawl-a-thons come as a result of someone else’s bad behavior and that I’m only righting the ship… albeit usually with a recognizable overcompensation tilt added for emphasis. I shrug that off to my hard wired ultra-competitive nature, which at my age is neither dormant, intelligent, or advisable. But, there it is.

So, if this blog is intended to offer astute psychological insight into the inner-workings of a brilliant mind like mine… with intentions of later being made into a major motion picture coming to a theater (of word-war) near you, then this stuff is REAL solid gold. But  of course, its not any of that.

And so… posting these clever-spit-volleys from time-to-time might not be so instructive. Entertaining maybe? It emphasizes what NOT to say to uninformed bigots and trolls; that is unless you get off on imaginary crowds giving you imaginary high fives for your sarcastic wit bombs. Me do.

That said, I remain loyal to myself and have found no indictable offenses to charge myself with, either actuated or intended. And hey… always remember that regardless of what you’ve seen and heard, nobody in Washington, D.C. is politically biased, despite whatever diarrhea of the text message has spewed from their little Apple pie-hole.

Here’s a snippet from the last day or two…




Thomas Mario Adams III Hey, when did Rodent-stein have a frontal lobotomy?


Judith Happe How clever, calling someone jewish vermine. Hitler would be proud.
Thomas Mario Adams III Really? How stupid is that remark… as if it has ANYTHING to do with Jews or Hitler. Please either get a life, or grow a brain.
Sue Wilkinson You should be able to make your point without name calling. If not, your arguments are on shaky ground.
Thomas Mario Adams III Good point. I apologize. How’s this:

Rod Rosenstein is the epitome of the typical top government official who pretends to know nothing, say nothing, and do nothing… all the while simulating accessing his frontal cortex, moving his lips, and playing hand gesture 101 for the less discriminating (and mind numbingly gullible interested party). Not to mention thinking he’s justifying his $700-800K/year job on the 7th floor of DOJ.

Dave Brenner You mean like Sessions’ oft-repeated “I do not recall”?

Thomas Mario Adams III I mean like every politician that has ever appeared before ANY congressional committee or tribunal 🤐. What do we expect? That he openly admits to obstructing justice?

Deny, deny, deny, don’t remember, don’t remember, and we ALWAYS DO OUR BEST and WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO (because we know there’ll be little to zero consequences and the public will lose interest eventually and ALL OF US useless crooks can get back to work ripping the public off)


Judith Happe Ahhh, a student of history I see. You might want to do a little research snowflake.
Thomas Mario Adams III Oh Judy. I expect I’ve forgotten more history today than you have ever crammed into your little mind. (Evidenced by you calling ME a snowflake…. bwahahahahahaha).
Mary Chaikin You sound like a real asshole! How’s that?
Sue Wilkinson Well to be fair, you did start it. Play nice 👍
Bill Norman TMA, no one cares about how intelligent you say you are. You are excellent at talking down to people. But again ,no one cares about those who don’t care about others.
Thomas Mario Adams III Thanks, but not asking you to care Bill. Not asking you to speak for everyone else either by talking down to me. I’m not sayn’ I’m smart, just a tad smartern’ some I suppose.😜
Sue Wilkinson Pride goeth before a fall as the old adage goes.“Smarter” is a subjective term anyway and subject to lots of things, especially judgement of those reading your posts on this thread. But thanks for the witty repartee nonetheless. Broke up an otherwise boring afternoon. 🤨
Jake Colbert Thomas, ummm that’s what hitler called jews, Rosenstein is Jewish… calling someone Rodent-stein IS literally something hitler did... Seriously learn your damn history before you speak

Thomas Mario Adams III Excuse me Jake Colbert, but this is planet Earth. You may have missed your connection a couple galaxies over. But hey… for shits and giggles what did you say Hitler called Jews? ummmm? or was it Rodent-Stein? As in, “you bunch of Rodent-stein’s?”

Not clear on your point, except that it has landed on another rock, far distant from this one. If you wanna have me believe your bullshit story you’ll need to provide links or attestation, or the official Easter Bunny account. Otherwise…..ummmm, NO.

While I’m at it I’ll say that it is classless to attempt to make ANYTHING I said in the above as having even a minute semblance to Antisemitism. Or anything I’ve ever said for that matter.

Get a grip. If, as you imagine Hitler called someone Rodent-stein… well, I’m bettin’ you’ve called someone Peter. If his last name happened to be Strzok then you in essence called him Dick Strokes… as in Peter’s-been-strokin’-us… as in Peter Strzok DID NOT exchange 50,000 texts with a girlfriend over a 2-year period as some would have you believe.

Damn near impossible when it includes having a full time job, wife, mistress, friends, relatives, making up 302’s and FISA applications, and secretly spying on FBI wife-swapping sex parties in case Trump shows up.

So, who d’ya’ think maybe DID send much of that text-w/o-sex garbage to that drop box account with Rosenstein’s two daughters’ names on it… You know… Lisa and Page Rosenstein’s? I wonder?

It’s just possible that someone’s been giving you, me, and Sue the big ole’ ROD? Seems to me the question is who in Congress knows the answer, and why are they feigning ignorance, keeping the public clueless?

Paul Eric McCarter All you’ve done is come off like a smart but spoiled twelve year old
child. If there was a point, it was obscured by your insistence on being belligerently offensive. Boorish, even. The phrase “trolling for attention” comes to mind.

Thomas Mario Adams III I feel ya’ Paul. Trust me when I say that sometimes (especially in today’s climate) any attempt at a little humor can be mistaken as an attack on an entire race/religion, or even likened to heinous historical figures with whom even the intended comedian (in this case, me) finds utterly offensive.

And of course, on FB few people (in this case, my detractors) truly admit to being wrong then seem to want to escalate their stupidity into some terminally incurable infectious disease. It’s too bad, I mean, at least there’s a cure for ignorance.

You’re right, and forgive me if I sound arrogant when I admit that I can at those times feel a slight twinge of “GFY” coming on, and many times articulate that sentiment in the form of a derisive overhand haymaker, or a witty-nitty-gritty uppercut towards the offender in denial’s over-used jawbone.

And yeah, it doesn’t take a history lesson to remind me that these “take that” punches to humble egoists tend to be highly unpopular among the empathetic caring crowd, or futures bettors of the slug-fest going the distance… both mistaken but usually my kinda’ folks.

A slight cursory review of the thread may be in order to help you comprehend my perspective… since after trolling your FB page (oops, sorry I like to have a clue as to whom I’m addressing), I was struck by likely how similar our own views might be. No need to remind me if you don’t care, don’t have time, or would never expect to learn anything from dumb ole’ assholish me. Is that better?

Now, a further review of the thread might leave some unbiased, or slightly more objective folks the idea that each belligerent come-back of mine was specifically targeted at another reader’s offensive, hate-driven remark regarding me personally, my nature, my essence. You know Paul… the WHO I BE.

One recurring fault of mine is that I NEVER back down to bullies (live or virtual). This has sometimes left me bruised and battered but intact both inwardly and out. I would be lying if I said I was “working on it”, since no… I accept it and even like myself for having that uncommonly ugly trait, albeit medically unsound as it is.

Prolly hangin’ out with my 13-year old has left some of it’s immature undeveloped traits on my personality. While it’s easy to correct him with kindness and love… I secretly dream of and envy the all-out stand up to ignorant pretenders no matter what. Still, it can leave scars on anyone’s innocent-you-asked-for-it face, so my position with him is to always seek the peace.

I do appreciate that your characterization of my posts were honest, if a little short-sighted. But, I remain convinced that a re-read of the entire thread would sway your opinion more favorably. If not, perhaps we really do have a disconnect. Sad. What you think is very important to me (See, you saw right through that bullshit statement, much like I do too, lol).

FYI: I’m apolitical when it comes to organized crime families like big governments and refuse to vote or pay tribute to any of them (and yes ladies, its from historical research, all peer reviewed). Any thoughts?

OK. I promise that this isn’t meant as a “last word”, or some sick way of attaining revenge, or justification for any of my crummy smartass 12-year old actions… but, I found this while perusing your FB page… and, honestly it confused me about you.

fuck trump

Boorish maybe, but certainly not trolling for… ummmm, attention. Naw, not you.


  • – Touché –