Mandelbrot existence

mandelbrot set

they marched away in lock-step

first from them

then from the others

and again they divided

til’ they all became one

not together

but alone

as boolean gods howled

in manic delight.

a tiny few

understood that

they too had been infected

the viral confirmation bias

self-replicating eating away individuality

saddling them less with fear

than the realization

an unstoppable end game.


so… merely suspecting

the possibility of being compromised

confirmed the suspicion

without cure

disease metastasized

jumping from biological brains

to The Conscious Mind

but in the immensity

hallowed ground

at the intersection

of scientific and superstitious

rational logic meets hopeful chance

and the sine-wave collapses.


in infantesimal space

in-between fact and fiction true or false

an infinite directionless place

happens NOW.

no ceiling no bottom

both good and evil

is the probability

of certain uncertainty.


lurking racing

out from the blackest darkness

a searing light.


soaring vast and high and falling deeper

manifesting… the existential Mandelbrot Set.


some dare to call it…GOD





our echo chambers

confirmation bias – google mind control machine

Mandelbrot Set

sine-wave collapse

wave-particle dualism