who’da thunk it?

from mostdiggity’s weekly hyper-rant…

“you can’t make this stuff up” : Betting the sure thing at a Google-to-1 odds against.

bright side

Some thoughtful reader suggested that I try to look at the bright side of things. So… after some careful thought, I must agree. Here goes:

This post is NOT meant to highlight the lamenting of children being shot dead because an avowed mass shooter with a record of trouble longer than a Rand Paul filibuster suddenly went postal because he couldn’t get the Po-Po, FBI, Russians’, or anyone else in his micro-orbit’s attention, even after his manic-homicidal-look-over here peacock display failed… all that and not even so much as a GFY from a tenth grader he imagined he was dating (because she took the unfortunate last seat next to him on the school bus once and glanced at him… when a bump caused her poppy-coat to glaze his Def Leopard hoodie)…

…nor will I be expounding on reasons why a rich man who had nothing save a few mil in the bank, a girlfriend, and a dozen or so homes sprinkled across the country (paid in full of course), except his pain of having a pitiful carefree life that he had worked hard to build… would want to off himself… but, only after he properly sullied his own good name and his family’s future by randomly taking thousands of pot shots at strangers from his magnificent luxury suite at one of the more exclusive hotels in the USA.

No sir. There’ll be no wondering why such an angry man wouldn’t want to memorialize his dastardly deed with at least a few terse “fuck you Charlies”; hateful notes to us all… how could we allow him to gain such material pleasures? Even if he had just lost his hard drive in the elevator right after he realized he screwed up royally by not buying a new wireless camera setup instead of attempting to wire the security laden Mandalay with an old baby monitor he bought on Craigslist for three bucks. Absolutely not going there or near any of the fifty thousand other unexplainable strange anomalies connected with these lone gungrabman mass kill-a-thon mystery murder assassinations.

I mean look, to his credit Paddock was thrifty, if not so much as brainy as the news and Keystone police have reported. I mean, show me a man on a secretive mass slaughter mission who hauls an arsenal of 23 weapons up 32 floors in one of the highest securitized buildings on the planet… and I’ll show you a guy in need of a check-up-from-the-neck-up. Or something.

But, not here. Not now.

No, this is about beating the odds… and winning against the remotest probability, of making a happy outcome happen. It is a story of blind synchronicity despite the long odds against and, it is nothing if not a storybook guarantee that you too can beat those odds. Intrigued?

OK. So, how lucky could we as a people be that, in less than a year we have witnessed a total solar eclipse which graced our nation in August 2017, for the first time since… (well, 2009… but still, pretty darn rare huh?).

Sure, but we have also witnessed/experienced a totally unfathomable once in a species lifetime event in this same short span. No, make that a once in a solar system event. Ok, ok, then it was an event unlikely to ever have happened naturally in the 14 billion plus light years since the, uh… big bang? Or, for the dogmatically preferred and scientifically impaired… ever since Adam rocked Eve. Yeah.

Way-back-Machine my azz. We’re talking… rare af.


Never mind. We ain’t bettin’ anyway. But, if you are a bettin’ neutral or specific gendered hominid (note the PC intended) and wanna’ to take a flying sh$t at the moon, and will put a dollar down on an even more unlikely event showing up, aka: with even more astronomical odds against it… I’ve got the bet for you, but don’t ask me to book it. Let’s just say I have a hunch on this bet..

And, I think it’s likely you would win the bet. Imagine, something almost guaranteed to happen (as per my whispered say-so), when at the same time the natural odds against it happening are about 50 Google-to-1. Hmmm? Something Low risk – High return?

But wait, I understand Vegas doesn’t want any part of that bet. That you couldn’t even get that bet down at a Caesars, where there are odds on your next toothache.


Why? Well, the only time where the odds an event “will happen” are insanely high, and at the same time it is considered a foregone conclusion… is when there is insider knowledge or jerry-rigging. PERIOD.

As in, “these caa-ads are marked. They a mess, a chocolate mess!”

Cheating? Yep. Fixed? Uh, huh. Don’t blame M&Ms. They don’t melt in your hand.

Ok, wise guy… what’s the rub?

Well, let’s take February 14, 2018 for example. Before that fateful day, what would you expect the odds were for there being, ‘another randomly occurring mass casualty event in the USA, whereby there were publicly acknowledged security drills taking place that are practiced security measures… in the unlikely event that a similarly real event could someday actuate?’ Read slowly, it’s a mouthful.

And then… the drill “actuates” into a live event.

Yep, ON THE VERY SAME DAY or within an incredibly close period of time the drill goes live. What are the chances of that ever happening? Astro-fuggn-omically high.

Well, that’s surely a VERY rare coincidence, but alas sh$t happens. Sure-OK-right, but now figure the odds of there being a security drill on 10-15 separate occasions at the same location or in close proximity, and on the same day or within a couple of days of a mass casualty event occuring. Simultaneously.

Yep, it happens so often that there’s a term for the phenomenon – a security drill gone “live”.

Wha… they have a term for when an event actually goes live while simultaneously there is a security drill happening, and one in which the odds against that occurring would normally be astronomical? Sure do. What are the odds of that? Apparently, not very high.

Oh, maybe it’s just a really great ko-inc-E-dink. Nope. Downright prophetic? Much, much closer. Try… preordained.

Let that be a lesson to you.

Ok. So, what’s the takeaway? Well, so far only that when this occurs it’s incredibly bad luck for those who are practicing drills, and of course for those caught in the vortex of possibility and are killed or maimed. Or, so it would seem.

Except that history bears out a different reality in the form of TV celebrity, job promotions, pay raises, book deals, and always a few drill bits being lauded as heros. betting-on-high-oddsMany are rewarded with heavy financial gains and status usually in the form of authorized charitable contributions from wealthy donors and others who hear their stories.

A trip to Disney World? Yep. In more ways than one…

Bad actors? No, but unfortunate bad luck for the drillers without TV looks, high level connections, or a silver spoon and a bowl of Alphabet Soup. Do what?

I mean, how likely is it that afterward another mass casualty event will take place in that same location? To think they now have all that practice gained in the drill just in case a live event someday happens… Ouch. Too late. More wasted time more wasted taxpayer dollars. I mean, taxpayer debt.

But hey, the bright side is that if you can get odds on the oft notion that the next mass shooting will happen at the same time as announced security drills, you stand to reap a tidy fortune.

Sold. If you can get odds?

Because… remember Vegas won’t touch it with a nine foot pole. No bet, no action. Fuzzy dice are down. Damn.

Yep, crazy world is all upside down these days. But hey… brighten up mate, and CHEERS.