Hilariously Not Funny

las-vegas-shooting_AFP Say cheese. While the LVPD takes cover from an alleged mass shooter, others appear more worried about phone chatting, leaving many to wonder why this huge effort to attempt to fool the public was important to TPTB now, and what is their end-game?
Really? Another professionally taken “staged” photograph underscores the dishonesty of today’s lamestream media. This photo was purportedly taken after the Oct. 1 Las Vegas massacre, however the relaxed nature of those in the background belie a different truth. This must have been taken at or near the end of one of the earlier nights at the three day Harvest 91 music festival (i.e., no apparent carnage and/or bodies), which provided backdrop to just another shooting/false flag event.  photos courtesy of shutterstock

Sure, it has been pointed out that the obelisk and the pyramid peering in from behind are clear signatures of a Satanic cult intent on destroying America and is values. Well… I know about the truth of the first part of the sentence, AND there can be NO denying the latter.

This writer also  finds a (likely) subliminal fear trigger image of supposed shooter Stephan Paddock (near ground) staring out at the scene. These intentional messages support mass mind control techniques courtesy of “social engineering” programs being taught at the Rockefeller endowed think tank,Tavistock Institute, and various other CIA mind control labs. Sadly, reading this many Americans will shout “conspiracy theory”, when the mountain of evidence many will never see (thanks to mainstream media censorship) actually screams “CONSPIRACY reality”.

From the… ‘if it weren’t so sad it would be hilarious’ files this week:

Perusing both alternative media and lamestream “fake” news outlets this week, one is struck by how a single event can be interpreted at extreme but opposite edges of political reckoning; both mindless pursuits plaguing our country today… and both are patently false in both form and content.


But I’m not talking Las Vegas… I’m thinking Russia.

Sadly, after learning the tantalizing facts surrounding the nefarious Russian collusion investigation by ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller (e.g., the arrests of Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos and the Steele dossier and Uranium 1 revelations), Trumpsters have hailed the news as “the final nail in the Clinton coffin”, while at the same time the other party’s lemmings joyfully see it as, “the final nail in Trump’s coffin”. Of course, both camps are hopelessly misguided as they careen toward political murder-suicide.

Both sides have hailed so many events  as the “final nail” in the last two years it’s a wonder that at least someone or something somewhere hasn’t been actually hammered. And yet, not even a sore thumb. Nary a scratch.

william caseyfalseflag

Let that be a lesson to you…

IDK all the details of what happened in Texas the other day, but if the last few years of FALSE FLAG events ( see 9/11, Aurora, Boston, Sandy Hook, Virginia, Orlando, Las Vegas, et al) are to be at all instructive… it would be to what extent the cabal, the government, and the media are intent on deceiving the American public, and to what extent if any those plans have succeeded.

Could it be that the upside to completely bungling these crypto-events might actually bring about the very end-game that TPTB had originally hoped for? Doesn’t the Hegelian dialectic (the playbook of Globalist think tanks) suggest that the synthesis of any problem is the same at extreme but opposite ends of a problem?

Consider this:

Conventional wisdom says that one outcome of these “school plays” is public outrage and fear that will ultimately alter gun control laws; at face value a legitimate conclusion to be sure. But then, how does one rectify that with the fact that gun purchases increased EVERY SINGLE MONTH of Obama’s 8-year Presidency and have every month since? Are TPTB immune to learning a lesson in fail, or is that in and of itself the lesson to be learned from?

Is a hopelessly divided but armed to the teeth America apt to use those guns for the purpose that our founding fathers intended… to reign in tyranny and keep a tyrannical out-of-control government from oppressing “We The People”?

Or, is it more likely that America will eventually see a real bloodbath fought between its own deluded citizens, only ending when the unelected fiends who control the government are finally qued-up step to in as heroes and save us from ourselves? Will the surviving combatants cheer or grumble when their New and Improved Rights are read to them as they await their re-education training? Rights that no longer include Freedom of Speech, or a Right to Bear Arms?

So… are you really sure it’s the end of Trump… or Clinton?

Either way, it appears that as for tomorrow we are left with no choice, but to go out… and buy a gun.

illusion of choice