The Origin of Word-Mean

early man

campfire repeat-o-thon

rrruuv rruff, woo-woo woo-woo, cuckoocuckoocuckoo 

guttural grunts… a cacophony of phonetic and tonal

resonating, communicating, teaching… immersive meaning

drumbeat of repetition… puppet strings dancing

simple sounds plucked discernment… reflected hearing

bellowing louder get mad make noise

tongue tones … reality hurt voice

glorious word-songs… echoing ages smiling

common mantras… pitch rising in feminine agreement

deep baritone crests… winking sweet tenor valleys

nuances surfing every dark wind-howling alley

naming all that is as ech one… imagining all that could be named

jumbled jungle gibberish… not looking back

borrowed voice worde

spoken world… adoptive dominance

bros talking smack

man’s great leap