Shakespeare’s last words

Shakespeare was known to bellow after presenting a new stage play for review…

If thou truly not liketh it…


laugh out loud.


Like Will, these are my VERY LAST WORDS on the subject that follows.

It is my opinion that certain elements having real power in this country make incredible efforts to distract our attention from the most IMPORTANT issues facing our future. I believe they conjure events, control the media, and control the rhetoric between candidates to keep Americans divided on the topics to facilitate fogging the picture and making sure we don’t focus on what’s MOST IMPORTANT.

I think there needs be debate and education about the effects the privately owned Federal Reserve System has had on our economy since 1913, and seriously considering eliminating their existence in our country. An interest based economy is always doomed to fail when backed by fiat currency, since there is NO CHANCE of ever repaying the interest debt. Is it any coincidence that the Federal tax system also began in 1913?

How about these multi-national corporations that pay zero or very little income tax and use offshoring to hide BILLIONS of dollars from our government? Why does the IRS seemingly spend/waste their time on small potato taxpayers while these BIG FISH swim around freely? Doesn’t it seem that tax overhaul should be a TOP priority?
Might we want on the table some discussion about the detrimental effects of special interest groups using high paid lobbyists who fund candidate elections for rule making favors? Or, some call it bribery, and Congress appears to be a major player in this same activity… might that harm our once great country in some ways eventually? How about Congress and their built-in salaries for life? No review needed?

FDR proposed and passed a personal income tax rate of 90% for high income earners without the plethora of deductions and loopholes supposedly implemented to spur investment, thus the economy. (He also implemented Social Security and Disability Insurance) for elderly and disabled workers. Now that the highest tax burden is less than half that rate (with hundreds of tax credit loopholes, etc.), it seems politicians have decided to give the elite a free ride.

No one disputes that big banks rule the world (as long as we have given them the keys to the vault, why wouldn’t they?). Any discussion of eliminating the Federal Reserve (which we have done 3 other times in history) is sure to meet with incredible backlash. But if saving America is on our agenda, it is the ONLY way.

The other MAJOR issue that Americans have been silenced about in this election is our propensity for war and invasion (e.g., EMPIRE). Did we really need to spend over $350,000,000/day (since 9/11/2001, that’s 15 years!) to protect ourselves from a few ACTUAL terrorists, or was that for our government to build the largest spying infrastructure on their own citizens that any society (fact or fiction which includes the book 1984) has ever imagined? Did all those over-inflated crony contracts to rebuild Iraq actually rebuild anything other than personal indebtedness to the players in the Bush Administration?

Speaking of, should we debate whether or not to hold a thorough investigation of 9-11 since it has come to light that the 9-11 commission was a farce?

Perhaps a tiny debate on this important topic is in order?

Or do we argue about erecting LGBT bathrooms, or fighting terrorism that we ourselves are responsible for igniting and allowing to expand? Maybe we ought talk about FIRING or jailing whomever has been responsible for our MANY, MANY failings? I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of the CIA and FBI saying later, “OOPS, YEAH… WE SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT THAT ONE.”

Have we unwittingly allowed a large amount of unwarranted FEAR to surreptitiously infiltrate our minds, or have we over-inflated the dangers of extremist Muslim hatred for us, enough so to make securing our borders a higher priority than these I mention?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me?