too little too late




truth becomes fiction

complicit masses unison in mission

facts no longer a friend of reason

and rational out of season

people separated by manufactured ‘isms

not supporting love, encouraging schisms

when the end justifies any means.

then will clap the hidden hands of fiends


When all the news fabricated as an active drill on stage

global media, willful frauds inciting hate, fear, and rage

tragic events, gaping holes large enough to drive through

fearful masses jump on-board… there’s no one left to scare, or smart enough to lie to

indoctrinated – children paid a bounty to deny you


when sanity and logic lose to implausible deniability

evidentiary facts struggle in undisputable futility

the measure of success is the slowest downward mobility


The Kabbalah planted, now its fed and exponentially grows

ugly secret finally bared and now full Monty exposed

when a hint or suggestion of being nationally patriotic

implies treasonous instigator whose borderline psychotic

and the rest are in denial of being mostly robotic


questioning authority not just wrong it’s illegal

as dim-witted liars march boot steppingly regal

our new icon transformed into a double headed eagle


psychopathic money grubbers pedophilic porno-grabbing

trafficking humans and their organs after all the shooting and stabbing.

when every scam for raping you is utilized once it’s pondered

charitable non-profit means taxes evaded money laundered

when it’s too late to protest the freedom that we’ve squandered


too far from the path of righteousness had we wandered


those pillars of society you once idolized you now dread

self-righteously wanting you silenced, imprisoned, or dead

that solemn Hippocratic scorned as end-game hypocritical

pharmaceutical slaves swearing an allegiance to metaphysical

its as pathetically hopeless as its parenthetically pitiful.


when you’re forcibly beholden to some fraudulent secret oath.

you’re either one of them or one of us, but no more being both

to wake up too painful but the path to ever realizing any growth


Hegelian synthesis is that truth is the same as if you’re lying

divide and conquer propaganda the shit they sell that you keep buying

let it simmer then you realize that living means you’re dying

destabilize the masses with a dialectic reflecting off self-serving asses

do as thou wilt’ till good is evil in Satanic metatasis


a time when common men and common sense fly out open window

when defenestration sings out the inevitable crescendo

in front page news the Lame stream threat no longer innuendo


human empathy, love and hate… what the A.I. couldn’t duplicate

calculating the code and the odds we’d meet our fate

crunching algorithmic probability into trans-human-al-ly great

not understanding that emotion exists only when it arises

the pain on every human’s face no longer wearing computational disguises


Analog or digital, particle or wave, truth and/or consequences

the realization that good neighbors are those who’ve built the strongest fences

but the eye of Horus doesn’t see you now that it has extra senses


when you realized human history had been made-up from the beginning

and you hoped for some peace but quit making plans on ever winning

realizing it was too little too late to rally in the bottom of the ninth inning




the abomination of desolation or simply sublime disinformation?

gluttonous consumerism became the son of god MONEY’S creation

dissemination of lies, perpetrators become among the exalted

“crime doesn’t pay” the lie too big to fail that finally defaulted

and morally bankrupt laws of freedom the amendment that’s assaulted


when everyone’s been chipped, the real becomes the fake

and “quid-pro-quo” translates to “you give we take”

echoing the ignorant mantra of “liars, lizards, and snakes”


when our world is sucked into a vortex of perversion, fear, and hate

when there’s no escaping and there’s no more need for that debate

when we’ve spun out of control… what will become of our species and our fate?

and we wake to find there’s no hope for food upon our plate…


it’s when surviving extinction has dwindled down to…

                                             too little too late


but i must.                                    filed.

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