too little too late




truth becomes fiction

complicit masses unison in mission

facts no longer a friend of reason

and rational out of season

people separated by manufactured ‘isms

not supporting love, encouraging schisms

when the end justifies any means.


then will clap the hidden hands of fiends


When all the news fabricated as an active drill on stage

global media, willful frauds inciting hate, fear, and rage

tragic events, gaping holes large enough to drive through

fearful masses jump on-board… there’s no one left to scare, or smart enough to lie to

when sanity and logic lose to implausible deniability

and evidentiary facts struggle in undisputable futility

The Rule of Law applies only to slaves, while elitist law applies immunity.


from a tiny seed A BIG LIE grew and now exponentially grows.


ugly secrets finally bared and now fully Montilly exposed

that’s when a hint or suggestion of being constitutionally patriotic

implies treasonous instigator whose borderline psychotic

questioning authority isn’t wrong, it’s illegal

while dim-witted liars are freely marching robotic-ally regal

psychopathic money grubber and pedophilic honey grabbing

abusing children and freedom is applauded, if there’s plenty shooting and/or stabbing.


when every scam for raping you is utilized once it’s pondered


charitable non-profit organization means taxes evaded and money laundered

the pillars of society you once idolized those you now dread

self-righteously wanting you silenced, imprisoned, or dead

that solemn Hippocratic scorned now as end=game hypocritical

pharmaceutical slaves swearing allegiance to the metaphysical

it’s as pathetically hopeless as it is parenthetically pitiful.


when you’re forcibly beholden to some fraudulent secret oath.


you’re either one of them or one of us, but no more being both

waking is painful but the only known path to realizing growth

the Hegelian synthesis is that truth is relative so everyone is lying

divide and conquer sprinkling an ounce of truth to a pound of bullshit,

let simmer, then realize that to be living means you’re dying

de-stabilize the masses, attention deficit dialectic deflecting off self-serving asses

while the elitist money bloodline plays it cool, with powerful banking passes.


a time when common men and common sense fly out open window


when sidewalks burn red from mass suicidal defenestration in an inevitable crescendo


human empathy, love and hate… what the A.I. couldn’t begin to duplicate

But if a singularity is anything, it must be ineffably astute

calculating every possibility, rationalizing all the hows and whys

never understanding how any emotion exists, as it simply arises

like every CGId human face, it’s not just computational guises


Analog or digital, particle or wave, truth and consequences


did you have good neighbors because you built good fences?

when you realized human history had been made-up from the beginning

too late for a rally in the bottom of the ninth inning

ancient agreements that Royal bloodlines and humanity must be inherently apart

a powerful message with generational imprinting; a garrison to win the minds & hearts


grandiose superstition ruled men’s lives with the magic of faith and hope


THE BIG LIE, it was all about control, today it’s about the dope

an abomination of desolation or simply sublime disinformation

gluttonous consumerism, the Son of God is MONEY’S creation

disseminators of propaganda, perpetrators  now among the exalted

“crime doesn’t pay” a lie too big to fail that defaulted

when “quid-pro-quo” translates to “you give we take”

echoing the ignorant mantra of liars, lizards, and snakes

when our world is sucked into a vortex of perversion, fear, and hate

we’ve finally spun out of control… what of our species and its fate?


that’s when our chances of surviving extinction has become…

                                             too little too late.


but i must.                                    filed.

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