LIFE’S Two-Way Highway

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life’s two-way highway

we all cross it

take some speedy chances

in traffic

ZAG Zoom zoom Zig  zooom zoom zoom

decision time none to ponder

tho’ lives in the balance

jus’ don’t… can’t turn back, or

f’ u ZIG once

when ZAG is the better choice

speed kills

and US Steel mangles

splayin’ blood n’bones.


while… the speedy live on

burning ass-fault oily road-skinning knees

Whose? Mine? naw, jus’ scratches.

heatwaves drifting skyward≈≈≈≈≈

Oppressive sun don’t care, no one does.

Zoom ZAG zoom zoom zoom zoom

red blurs blueblackgreen to red-blue again.


not everything

but more.

or less… if your mind isn’t clear

side steppin’ lightly… ohyeah Yes

Green Go Green NOW

knowin’ when to say when

go GO Go g…O Git go


Goodwill addidas

grippin’ in zag zag zig for 3-68

step-back’ crossover steph curry

dartin’ thru, jumpin’ heavy steel beams

the median, The Middle Way

short respite

ona‘ skinny swirlin‘wind patch of

unreal estate

Zoom ZAG zig zoom zoom zoom

bent beercans, flyin’ chocolate wrappers long cas

mooz GAZ giz mooz mooz mooz

face slappin’ heat-winds, bad hairday gusts

drownin’ dizzynoise traffic, zooming


better get it right

rush on ahead.

there are enough

lanes for everyone

zoom zoom zoom

jus’ hope n’ to stay

out of tomorrows obits

by breakin’ clear and free

ZAG zig zoom zoom zoooom zoom zoom zig


armpit grit road sweat drippn’

while perfect Mazdas and

cool quiet Beemers and

73′, ‘The Year They Made That’

A Really… laugh out loud


like a cricket on wheels.

checkin’ each way

the perifeal wait-watch… oh shit deal wit it

gritty traction is… tougher than…

NOT me… uh NO

no sir.


cheap shoe rubber is

where it meets the road

for me.

zoom zoom zoom zag zag zig zag zoooom zoom

squirtn’ thru’ crosswinds

slivers of shine… diving…into

soft, pleasant green grass

like those breezy saturday mornings

of freshly mowed

smells… when i was twelve

and owned the day.


Yes… I made it through

touchdown Disney World

too sweet and sour makin’ “hey”

from my salty brow.

yeah feels right here right now

on the baseline of (lament)

across that zooway

life’s  two-way highway

zoom zag zig

about makin’ n’ takin’

choices and chances..

swish. stephon curry. yes.