Cheap, Colorfully Eclectic, Reduces Hoarding by 5.4%?

What's cheap, colorfully eclectic, and reduces hoarding by 9.4%?

Rusty old lamps in the yard sale pile?

OK, it’s likely true that this hobby burns 98% fewer user calories than did my old ones (distance running, lifting, basketball, soccer, etc.), but had Hank Gathers taken up the finding, fixing , and painting of old lamps in a ridiculous array of colors instead of playing NCAA basketball, today his family might have many more well lit rooms, and a great guy telling stories of how “back in the day” (while he was a student at Loyola-Marymount College) he won the intramural one-on-one tournament by scoring an average of 53 points per 8 minute game, only then to be asked begged by Jerry Buss to try out for his vaunted LA Lakers.

Well, for sporting guys like me and Hank (we share(d) a medical issue, Sudden Death Syndrome); refurbishing old lamps is kinda fun and a great reason to get out to the garage and shoot the breeze with friends, or to simply ponder on how to pay for the extra electricity costs that are sure to follow.

Feng Shui? Naw, but I seriously doubt the Tao Chi buzz can compare with the paint fume dizzys in any way, so call it a toss-up. It’s also a great way to steal some alone time kicking around the ole garage some nights.

As for that smug inner-warrior sensation one gets from accomplishing something truly worthwhile, this isn’t feeding starving children in Sudan. But in my mind it, “beats a sharp stick in the eye,” as they say. And, there is a certain self-satisfaction one feels when using his/her own uniquely created art as furnishings or gifts, not to mention the obvious bonus of actually being able to see in once habitually darkened rooms.

One caveat: While this hobby isn’t likely to become the next IKEA craze, it can be astonishingly sound from a pecuniary standpoint. But most of all, one ought keep in mind the real tipping point here; It’s just kinda mindlessly fun.