The MostDiggity Manifesto… or a letter to my two young sons for posterity’s sake.

“Oh, when it all goes down… look around and it’s happening… look around and see what i have found… and it’s more, more than a song to sing, it’s more… more than a song… to sing… and it goes out… yeah, and it comes back, yeah it is a feelin’… it’s a feelin’… ohhh…

And the more you do it…

it becomes “a beautiful obsession.” -Van Morrison

(Santa Fe/Beautiful obsession)

Who is MostDiggity? The MostDiggity Manifesto

He is objectivist by nature, keen observer above all. He has respect for each individual and their own agenda (as long as they respect him, and his in turn).

I believe enlightenment is relative to the capacity one has to see and feel from many perspectives, varied viewpoints, different distances and circumstances, combined with their own histories, angles, experiences, etc…

(i.e. the view from 50,000 feet isn’t necessarily more enlightened than that from the sidewalk, but both views together are much more enlightened than either one of them, and so on…)

My boys, make note of them all, still knowing sometimes you can break for rules; but be aware that in your rear view objects may be closer than they appear.

Sometimes you will get a black eye. But, fear No Man ever, nor ever humble anyone undeserving of themselves being humbled.

Like your dad, be an excellent leader, but prefer not to lead unless it’s a necessity. Leaders must make choices that can affect others in uncertain ways. Contribute your many talents wisely, joyfully and with humaneness. Success is not measured in dollars or position. Like me, you may at times look or seem disorganized to some, but never hate yourselves for it. To me, anal is banal. Seek to create new and different. It can be messy.

But then, I lose little things (like keys and wallets) far too often for it to be funny. Pay closer attention to your each and every action, however meaningless it may seem at the time.

I usually follow my own path after taking advice from everyone… then I forge my own way. Remember, it can be riddled with briars, back alleys, barbed wired dead ends, and overwhelming bullshit. Yet somehow, if you do too you’ll still find your way.

When you conform, you will usually win. Sometimes I hate that. I’d rather if everyone used their own brain instead of following all the rules all the time. Learn to think your own thoughts, using reason and logic while considering everyone else’s ideas. In the end do what your conscience tells you is right and good, even if your peers or boss prefer that you are an asshole.

Though I started smoking cigarettes at 45, never follow that lead. Don’t ask me why, but I think it’s because everyone else had quit. That was stupid logic on my part. Be yourself, but be smarter than I have been.

Anyone who has ever run, played basketball or soccer with me will agree that I am the fiercest, most tenacious competitor they’ve ever played or run against.

Emulate that in me, if you choose to copy nothing else.

Though I do love the game of golf, I now refuse play if asked most of the time. It’s probably because I either think too much or think too little, but rarely just enough. I urge you to take up Golf if/when you/we can afford it. You will love many things about the game even if you aren’t the best. Be careful not to take that game too seriously. It’s costly to your wallet, your self-confidence, and your time, to name just a few.

I personally come from behind better than play (or run) in the lead. I’ll make a 15 foot putt or basket to tie the game up, but then choke the winning 2 foot putt or free throw. Concentrate on enjoying the games you play instead of the score and winning. That way you’ll always win and have more fun.

Winning to me isn’t everything, but giving your best effort is. Still, I hate losing at anything. I hope you both will grow to be the same way.

Twice, I have severely damaged my heart by refusing to acknowledge to myself that I was about to die. I wish I wasn’t that stubborn. Perhaps I would have lived long enough to play with my grandchildren. Though that isn’t likely now, remember to NEVERcount me out.

I am a gambler of astronomical proportions,(or misappropriations). Well, I once had enough money for such frivolities, long before ya’ll were born. Gambling can be fun or an obsession. Never be obsessed with anything, but consider enjoying “all things in moderation”. What’s worse, I’m pretty damn good at gambling on some games of chance. I like playing craps/dice, because they’re impersonal, and many people are superstitious. I understand dice odds better than 99.9% of the people I’ve ever played with, though I’ve watched some of them throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars at a game they obviously cannot fathom.

It never ceased to amaze me at some folk’s capacity for delusional ignorance. Be smart. Learn the odds in games of chance before you toss any money into the pit. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win, but it gives you the best chance if you’re lucky. I mean, ask yourself the question that I used to ask, “How did they (the dice losers) come by all that money, considering their obvious stupidity?”


Maybe they just feel lucky despite the indisputable odds against their success? In things like business, success or failure is never indisputable because you can your exert effort to affect the outcome. But with dice, odds are indisputable, cold, and uncaring. Perhaps people ought to learn the difference? You had better if you plan to play.

There’s nothing more fun than to roll a “monster hand” in craps. Some people play all their lives never even seeing one rolled. I have had five “monsters” from my own hand and witnessed a few more. One of those hands was when I was down to my last five dollar chip at the old Sands in Las Vegas. When it ended, I cashed out with over $5,000. Call me crazy, or just lucky. It was a peak experience where I could guess the upcoming numbers, and did so with a winning bet on the “hop” several times. It was absolutely amazing!

Learn to give and take, but always prefer fairness and equality without keeping a scorecard, unless you’re blessed with abundant prosperity. Then be a giver to good causes, good people, and anyone you deem worthy of your philanthropy. Petty selfishness is silly and trite. Boys, I mean it. STOP being so selfish with material things!

I’ve studied the Sciences, Religion, History, and Philosophy… and I’m pretty comfortable with what I’ve learned so far. But learning is a process, and you will learn something new every day. Study hard. Do your homework. Pay attention in school. So far you guys are doing exactly that, and it makes me proud as hell of both of you.

Know that I still have some ideas that I haven’t mentioned, nor ever discussed with you. Maybe someday perhaps…? I hope that day arrives, because it’ll mean I’ve lived longer than the most optimistic expectations. But, not until I think you’re ready…

Though I’m not too mechanically inclined, if I can’t fix it with a hammer and Liquid Nails… it can’t be fixed. That means lot’s of things can’t be fixed by me. Although I’ve invented a few things that I believe are REAL winners, though I’ve never taken enough time to patent them. Someday I may regret it, probably while watching your High School graduation.

I’m a literal linguist by nature. I speak literally, but somehow I’m easily misunderstood. I sometimes misunderstand others too, because I take their words literally, and they may not be sure of the meanings of their own words. I’ve had relationships damaged over these misunderstandings; all because of misused words and their intended meanings. Communication sometimes requires patience and understanding.

Read voraciously and you will learn how to say things with subtle and delicate differences, which makes all the difference in exactly what you mean, despite what others may “think” you are saying.

Love good design and recognize it’s value. Be creative in life. Design is high art.

I read and I observe well. Many times I tend to sense things before they’re obvious to everyone else. Trust your intuition, it will tell you more truth than any fantasy.

Rarely if ever, do I feel guilty about anything. But, if I stay true to my ethical self, why should I? Why should anyone for that matter? Somehow I feel connected in a weird way, and some people sense it and seem to immediately hate me for it. Others are attracted by it. Again, use your intuition and trust your initial instincts. Feel a situation with every sense you can employ. Sometimes you’ll smell a rat. Other times you might find love.

Hold you head up and look everyone in the eye. If someone asks you “what are you staring at”, simply ask them to enlighten you. Get ready for their response.

I’ve done lot’s of travelling by motorcycle on the back roads of America and many other countries. It reveals a number of metaphorical truths about me and my view of life. Uncertainty is my friend, I prefer the road less travelled, and doubling back is out of the question. And, I prefer to observe our world, rather than to speed past it.

For me, parenting is the noblest job in all of mankind. And it’s mostly all about staying connected to your children mentally. Having Dylan, my first child at 50 and being single at the time has taught me more than any religion or philosophy about reality, the meaning of life, and real unconditional LOVE.

I wish my parents were alive to hear this directly from me, because they knew that same feeling too, but I didn’t understand it while they were alive. I expect they forgave me for it, just like I may have to forgive you guys someday.

My gut tells me that we’re hardwired for real love, and I’m sorry some good people that I know well will never really experience what it is if they continue to choose not to have their own progeny. I beseech you boys to marry well and proliferate. REMEMBER, your family is really all there is when the doins’ done.

Einstein summed it up for me the best; each thing is relative in time and space… so absolute truth is well, fleeting at best. Everything is always relative, and to ignore or forget that lesson is to deny the great strides made by our human species throughout all of our living history. Never tie yourself to any one dogma or doctrine, but understand that man’s evolution is not guesswork. It is how the world works over vast expanses of space/time. Get used to it.

That said, we must still all identify our own individual course of action and ethical morality, and confidently stay true to our own selves, without intentionally harming other individuals or all of our collective futures. Check your mirror daily, and affirm who you are and what you stand for. Stay true to your beliefs, and never waver.

Our Earth is the great Mother of all living things. Treat her well as much as possible.

Always being thankful for what you have is important, even when it compares poorly with those more fortunate. That is, only as long as their gain was not at your own or others expense. If so, get mad, and get even.

Contrary to the most approved doctrines of today by the most wise and knowledgeable persons on the planet, I am a firm believer in exacting revenge on those who act with callous impunity, who trample on others freedoms and rights, and who use their power, money, and influence for unethical gain. These battles will likely end in further disappointment, but there is the satisfaction one gains from never cowering before men whose aim is less than 100% honest forth righteousness. They are lesser men than you, and I say, “fight your transgressors with every might, idea, and effort you can muster, never giving up even at your final breath.”

Whatever happens in your life, know this as firm as the sun rises every morning:

I love you both immensely, and wish only for you to be happy and successful in whatever you choose to endeavor. -Your Dad, mostdiggity.

If you (my patient blog readers) disagree/agree with me or any of my ideas that I’m hoping to pass to my fine young men Jayden and Dylan here (when they’re old enough to understand, and I’m likely not around), please do comment… I’m all ears.

 Relativity also includes being dynamic, and I’ve changed my mind when more solid reasoning overcame my own sense of reason. I welcome any and all of your ideas, thoughts, additions, and responses…