About Sagacious from Mostdiggity


Like beauty, wisdom is relative to the beholder. After trading the safety and control of financial and professional success and a 20-year happy marriage for the chaos of liars, lizards, and snakes in 2002, Diggs comes to terms with life and a reality he thought he had left far behind.

Along the way, he meets with immortality and the truest love… fatherhood.

Mostdiggity posits on life, love, family, friends, sports, politics, etc. from a fresh perspective, untethered by conventional wisdom and unbound by guilt, sometimes in his unique “poison penmanship”. 

He chose the title “Sagaciously….Pugnaciously” …well, with sagacity. It represents much of who he is, how  he thinks, and how he handles those whom he feels are ignorant pretenders who only see our world from the narrow spoon fed view which they were taught indoctrinated to believe since mama’s nipple.

A voracious reader since age 19 (thank you Steve Wood and Johann Gutenberg) and lover of language and history and science and every other subject (his reading bucket list too large for this here), he admits to knowing a little about most things,  but a lot less about everything, and mostly… nothing at all (yes, that’s exactly how he means it). 

Mostdiggity is more a “Big Picture” guy who may not be perfectly on target, but like a hand grenade he can still be right-ish. And yes, sometimes there is collateral damage; in brutal honesty.

Individual free rights without infringing on others his holy grail, and understanding the intricate nuances of existence his quest (there are many sides and angles that eventually make up the prism of here and now, and without this realization and understanding one is simply deluded).

He abhors the HATER and the politically motivated individual (the “god-is-money” archetype), whether it be in business, home life, social circles, or governments. He’s had plenty of it (money) and stands by… “it ain’t all that”.  But then, neither is being broke.

No mulligan?

As for god, he’s undecided… but he knows that god has NOTHING to do with religion or politics (who are joined at the hip). Stay tuned for his treatise on that subject…likely to be his Magnum Opus. Meantime, stroll through his variety of subjects and their treatments. You ain’t heard nuttin’ yet…

my Captain, and me.

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